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Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Your Sister’s Wedding


Here you will find an informal letter example of a Letter to Your friend inviting him to Your Sister’s Wedding. I have shared already a related letter under the title, Letter to Your friend Inviting Him to Your Brother’s Marriage. This letter sample is being shared here for the students of Class  9, 10 and Class 11. However, if you are looking for easy and simple letters for junior classes like Class 6, 7 & 8, you can visit this. This is a famous letter in which you will write the date of the marriage ceremony of your sister and advice him to reach this ceremony before time. Students can prepare it as a course of their studies. There are some more letters available at English Letter Writing Examples.

Write a Marriage Invitation Letter to Your Friend Inviting him to Attend the Marriage Ceremony of Your Sister Sample

The Examination Hall,
City A.B.C.
October 15, 2001.

My dear Ali,

I am glad to inform you that my sister’s marriage is taking place in 2nd November 2001. It is a local marriage. The marriage party will come from Misri Shah by bus. The bridegroom is working as a Stenographer in the minister of Finance.

I request you to be present on this occasion. You should come at least two days earlier so that you may lend a helping hand in making preparations for the marriage.

Please let me know the date and time when you are reaching here.

Once again I invite you and your parents in this auspicious occasion. I hope you would not disappointed me.

Pay my regards to your respected parents.

Yours sincerely,

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