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Letter to Your Friend for Condoling the Death of His Mother


Informal Letter to Your Friend for Condoling the Death of his Mother for Outstanding Students of Matric and Intermediate

Here is an Informal Letter example on “A Letter to your friend for Condoling the Death of his mother”. This letter is very important from the point of view of class 9, class 11 and graduation. Previously, this letter was also in exams. Students should learn this letter by heart and practice it writing before the annual exams. For more English Letters you can go here.

Write a Letter to your friend for condoling the death of his mother For 9th Class, 11th Class and Graduation – Informal Letter Pattern

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C,
May 17, 2017

Dear Friend,

The moment your letter broke the sad and heart-rending news of your mother’s death. I went into a shock knowing that it must have been a bolt from the blue for you.

The deaths of our near ones create a vacuum in life subjecting us to great physical, mental and emotional distress. Our emotions fail our thinking. It is a tragedy to see our friends and relatives laying on the deathbed and breathing their last. The tragic news of your mother’s death was an unbearable shock for me. She was an affectionate, noble and loving lady who always had a soft corner for me and for everybody in her world. She was a well-mannered woman who knew and practised the ethics of life throughout her life. She remained an affectionate incarnate to all those who came close to her. Religious-minded as she was, people always had a great respect for her. With her death, an era of motherly love and concern came to an end. A Tradition disappeared into the ashes of the past. My dear friend, death is inevitable and we all have to face it one day or the other. The laws of nature are absolute. We have to bow before them. Man is helpless before the will of God. Dear friend, have patience and try to share to the responsibilities of the family with your father. I will soon come to you to share your deep grief and to condole with you at this critical moment of your life.

May we always cherish the great moral values upheld by your great mother. Please convey my deep and sincere sympathies to your father and the other members of your family.

With a profound sorrow.

Yours sincerely,


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