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Informal Letter to Your Friend Congratulating Him on His Birthday

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Letter to Your friend Congratulating Him on His Birthday

In this post, you will find a letter to your friend congratulating him on his birthday

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C,
March 2, 2017

Dear Friend,

How are you doing, I am doing very well by the Grace of Allah. Your letter was a source of great pleasure and as I read through it, I was transported back into the sweet memories of the past. Fifteenth instant is the day that gave me a sincere and loving friend like you. I would like to felicitate you on your birthday, which happens to be tomorrow. It will be a day of unbounded joy for you, your parents are for your friends. The birthday ceremony will certainly be colourful and exciting.

I am very sorry that I may not able to participate in your birthday ceremony because I am awfully busy these days in preparing for the send-up examination scheduled to start tomorrow. I am especially writing this letter to congratulate you on your birthday. Accept my heartiest greetings on your birthday. You are no longer a child now. How soon you have grown! May you continue to grow and make progress and see this day as many as times as there are stars in the sky! I owe you a gift and you will get it when you come to Lahore. I was going to send it to you by post but I was informed that you had planned to come to Lahore. So, I decided that I should give it to you personally. I am waiting for you. Pay my respect to aunt and uncle.

Wishing you the best,

Yours Sincerely,


Informal Letter to Your Friend Congratulating Her on Her Birthday

Here is a Letter to a friend wishing him Happy Birthday for outstanding students. This is not only a letter to a friend wishing him a happy birthday but also a Happy Birthday Message to a Friend. Students of Class 9, Class 11 and graduation can learn this letter by heart for the annual examination with other educational material and letters.

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