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Write a Letter to Your Sister Thanking Her For a Gift | Informal Letter


Informal Letter to Your Sister Thanking Her for her gift for Examinations of 9th Class, 11th Class and Graduation

In this informal letter, you will learn how to write a personal letter to sister. This is a letter on the topic “Letter to Your Sister Thanking Her For a Gift”. This is a very important letter for the examination. If you are preparing selective material, you should not miss this letter. This informal letter pattern is for outstanding students. To get more English Letters for Examinations you can try our category English Letters Writing.

Write a letter to your sister Thanking her for a gift for the Examinations of Matric, Intermediate and Graduation – Informal Letter Example

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C,
25 June 2017.

Dear Sister,

Receiving a letter from my beloved sister always brightens up my day. By the Grace of Allah Kareem, I am keeping quite well and hope that you will be sailing in the same boat.

This time your letter was accompanied by a wonderful surprise parcel. I was over when I opened it and found a very bright watch inside. Howe thoughtful of you! I really value it greatly for its own sake and as a token of your affectionate remembrance. Nothing could have given me more pleasure than to receive a finds watch sent by you. You cannot imagine the joy that I felt on receiving it. Words fail me to express the beauty of the gift. I am greatly obliged to you for looking after my needs with such care and concern. It is, indeed, the most beautiful and charming gift that I have ever received, its radiant in the darkness. I like its beautiful golden chain. It keeps correct time. I have shown it to all my class fellows and friends. They have all praised it and likes it too much. I wonder how it occurred to you that I was badly in need of a watch for the upcoming examination. I shall have a pleasant feeling of your love in the examination hall and this will help me in working efficiently. No doubt, a student is always in need of a wrist watch to follow his timetable properly. In short, I can say that now I shall be able to do everything at the right time. I am full of gratitude and promise that I shall take care of it. Above all, it will always remind me of your great affection for me.

I thank you once again for this valuable and precious gift. Kindly pay my respects to all at home.

Yours Sincerely,

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