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Letter to Your Father Telling him Causes of Your Failure in Exams


Informal Letter To Your Father Explaining Him Reasons of Your Failure in Examinations | English Letter

Here is an example of Informal Letter to Your Father telling him causes of your failure in exams for 1st Year. This is a letter is only an example and a pattern to write the Informal Letter for 11th class. You can replace words with your own or you can prepare the same for exams. For more letters see English Letters.

Write a Letter to Your Father Telling Him Causes of Your Failure in Exams | Informal Letter Writing

Examination Hall,
June 10, 2008

My dear Father,

You might have received the result card of my promotion test. I failed in physics only by a few marks. I am not going to justify anything as failure is a failure. My failure has pained you a lot. But I am not much to blame.

My failure is not owing to my negligence. It has a series of factors behind it. You know very well that I fell ill a month and a half before the exams. It took me a lot of time to recover. The doctor advised me to take complete bed rest. Alone and away from home I could not take proper rest. My illness prolonged. However, I recovered by the grace of Almighty. It wasted a lot of time.

To make matter worse, our physics teacher was transferred. His successor took time to replace him. It wasted our time too. Right before the exams, our college had to be not make up the deficiency.

Father, I am really ashamed and feel degraded. I am working hard these days for re-sit. I have unflinching faith in Allah Kareem. Kindly, forgive me for this. I will make my mark and get good grades in the forthcoming exams. Pay me compliments to all at home.

Yours affectionately,

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