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General Knowledge and Solved MCQs on WTO (Word Trade Organization)


MCQs and General Knowledge About World Trade Organization for NTS, PPSC, CSS and FPSC

This post contains General Knowledge and Solved MCQs on WTO. GATT was replaced with WTO which stands for World Trade Organization. These MCQs on World Trade Organization are important too and people who are going to attempt PPSC, CSS, FPSC, NTS job test should prepare it too.

General Knowledge about WTO

  • Formation: WTO was formed on 01 January 1995.
  • Type of Organization: This is an Internation Trade Organization.
  • Purpose of this Organization: The purpose of this organization is to regulate International trade.
  • Headquarters: Centre William Rappard, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Members of WTO: Total Members of WTO are 164 states.
  • Official Language of WTO: English, French, Spanish.
  • Who is the Director General of WTO? Roberto Azevedo is the Present Director General of WTO.
  • Budget: 197.2 million Swiss francs (approx. 209 million US$) in 2017

List of Director Generals of WTO

  • Peter Sutherland, 1995
  • Renato Ruggiero, 1995 to 1999
  • Mike Moore, 1999 to 2002
  • Supachai Panitchpakdi, 2002 to 2005
  • Pascal Lamy, 2005 to 2013,
  • Roberto Azevedo, 2013 to Present

MCQs on WTO with Answers | Multiple Choice Questions about World Trade Organization

Hereunder are Some Solved MCQs about World Trade Organization with Answers.

1. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) went into effect

(a) 1945
(b) 1948
(c) 1946
(d) 1947

(b) 1948 

2. GATT was originally signed by how many countries including the USA.

(a) 22
(b) 20
(c) 23
(d) 25

(c) 23

3. Name the agreement which was signed by the United States. Canada and Mexico towards removing trade barriers.

(d) None of them


4. When was GATT replaced with WTO?

(a) 1994
(b) 1992
(c) 1995
(d) 1993

(c) 1995 

5. When did World Trade Organisation come into effect?

(a) February 5, 1994
(b) January 1, 1995
(c) March 6, 1996
(d) April 8, 1994

(b) January 1, 1995 

6. By the backing of how many founder members was WTO established?

(a) 80
(b) 82
(c) 85
(d) 84

(c) 85

7. WTO comes as the third economic pillar of world-wide dimensions along with the World Bank and ___________.

(a) International Monetary Funds (IMF)
(b) international Economic Association (IEA)
(c) International Funding Organisation (IFO)
(d) International Development Bank (IDB)

(a) International Monetary Funds (IMF)

8. Which of the following is the main objective behind the establishment of WTO?

(a) To settle disputes between nations
(b) To widen the principle of free trade to sectors such as services and agriculture
(c) To cover more areas than GATT
(d) All of them

(d) All of them 

9. Which of the following is the headquarters of World Trade Organisation (WTO)?

(a) Paris
(b) New York
(c) Geneva
(d) Madrid

(c) Geneva

10. China became a member of world trade Organization in_____________.

(a) 1945
(b) 1960
(c) 1990
(d) 2001

(d) 2001 

11. How many countries are the current members of WTO?

(a) 181
(b) 191
(c) 161
(d) 123

(c) 161

12. When did Pakistan join the WTO?

(a) January 1, 1995
(b) February 1, 1995
(c) January 1, 2001
(d) Pakistan is not a member

(a) January 1, 1995 

13. Who is the current Director-General of WTO?

(a) Chedli Klibi
(b) Mahmoud Riad
(c) Pascal Lamy
(d) Michael Johnson

(c) Pascal Lamy

14. Which country becomes the 161st member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 26th April 2015.

(a) Seychelles
(b) Vanuatu
(c) Yemen
(d) Samoa

(a) Seychelles

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