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Essay on the Cow for Class 10 Students in English


Here is a sample of an Essay on The Cow for Class 10 students in English. This is an easy essay for 10th Class students. Those students who will take Essay writing instead of Paragraph writing in English Paper can prepare it for practice purpose. The essay is very good, vocabulary is good and the length is also very nice. The essay has been taken from English Grammer Composition and Translation by Kashmir Kitab Ghar. For more English Essays for 10th Class, you can visit This Link.

The Cow Essay for 10th Class in English – English Notes

The cow is a useful domestic animal. It is found in almost every part of the world. it is a quiet and gentle animal. It has different kinds and colours. Some cows are white and some are black. Others are brown. Some are partly red. it has a big body. It has four thing legs. It has two pointed horns to defend itself. It has a long tail, a thick tuft of hair on its end. It has four feet with cloven hoofs. Small cows are found on mountains while in plains big cows are found. it eats wheat, grain, straw, cotton seeds, oil cakes, grass and grams.

The cow is of great use to us. It gives milk which is useful to us in different ways. It makes us healthy and strong. Small babies need its milk very much. it is also useful for old and sick persons. We get butter, cheese, curd and many other things from milk. We use its milk in preparing different kinds of sweets, puddings and custards. Its dung is dried up and used as fuel. It is also good manure for the fields. We also eat its meat. its bond is used for making toys, combs and handles of knives. its hide is tanned for making shoes, suitcases, bags and other articles.

In Europe, cows are very bigger and stouter than our cows. They also give a larger quantity of mil. In Pakistan, cows are very thin and weak. They are neither well-fed nor well cared for. they cows of Sahiwal and Faisalabad are the best milkers.

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