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Essay on My School for Class 10 Students in English


This post contains an example of an essay on My School for Class 10 Students in English. If you have decided to go for writing Essay instead of picking a Paragraph then you must prepare My School Essay. This is one of the most important Essays for Class 10. The essay has been taken from English Grammer Composition and Translation for Class 10. Here are some more essays for Class 10.

My School Essay for 10th Class Students in English – English Notes

I read in Government High School It is situated in the heart of the city. It is not far from my home. It is a place of great charm for me. It has a fine building. It seems to cast a spell on us. It is very grand. It has a large boundary wall. It has thirty rooms. All rooms are airy, clean and neat. They are white-washed and painted. They are well lighted and well-furnished. There are beautiful pictures of our national heroes in every room. The walls are massive and the ceilings are very high. The cruel summer falls to make our classrooms hot and humid. One room is for the headmaster. He meets parents and visitors in his room.

There is a big hall in my school. Examinations and meetings are held in it. It has beautiful charts and pictures on it. My school has a newly-built library. It has a fine collection of books and different topics. We read books, newspapers, magazines and current periodicals. It has also a big science laboratory, a grand museum and a pretty sports complex.

There is a large playground in my school. Most of the boys take part in games. There are beds of green grass and flowers in my school. The flowers give out a very sweet smell. They gladden our hearts at all times.

About fifty teachers work in my school. They are all well qualified and experienced. They are very noble and hardworking. They are very kind to us. Our headmaster is an able man. My school shows good results. It is far ahead of others in best results, sports, debates, library and scouting. I am proud of my school.

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