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Essay on Modern Youth or The Problems of Young People


Essay Problems of Young People for Matric, Intermediate, 2nd Year, FA, FSC, BA and BSC

Here is an essay on Modern Youth for students of different classes. You can write the same essay under the title Essay on Problems of Young People, Modern Youth Essay, Essay on the youth today and problems of modern youth. In this essay, we will discuss the Youth age, their problems, causes and what they want.

The Modern Youth for Class 10, Class 12, graduation and other classes

The man has various phases of life, childhood youth and old age. The years of childhood and boyhood are a period free from earnestness and cares of life It is only in youth that one comes to taste some of the realities of life. To be young is indeed very thrilling. It is a period of lite when the physical mental and spiritual powers of a man near maturity. These powers bloom and flourish in a free and unrestrained atmosphere.

The young man is conscious of overgrowing energy and power. He is hopeful optimist and ambitious. He wants to tap all the sources of world and intends to become the king of all he surveys. The boundless aspirations and ideals are the very essence of youth A young man is passionate. He lives in the present and is unmindful of the future. He rushes in where angels fear to tread. He is thoughtless and foolish in many of his actions. He lacks experience and maturity. He sows wild oats and commits many blunders. We can say that youth is a period of irresponsibility.

The modern young man has become a rebel to society. He does not accept the normal moral values of society. He loves violence and wants to lead a life of freedom. Everywhere in the world, the young man is seen confronting the forces of law and order. He is the great enemy of accepted values of society. In the newspapers, we read, news about their clashes with police. They bring out processions and address public meetings. Their expression of revolt takes different shapes. They drive their vehicles fast. They keep long hair and smoke before their parents, teachers and elders. Everywhere in the world, they are fighting for a change.

The causes of their revolt are quite obvious.

First, they are against the unjust economic and social order Majority of the people are getting a little. They are against the deep hatred which lies among different countries. They want to have a better world. They want to promote international understanding among different nations of the world. They want peace, justice and order in the world. They are against modern materialistic trends of the world. They are against hypocrisy insincerity and falsehood in every field of life.

Secondly, they find that the conditions existing in the field of education are not favourable. There exists many disciplinary laws and rules which control their activities. They do not enjoy proper freedom in universities and colleges to promote their healthy activities. Moreover, after getting the education, they do not get jobs according to their ability and qualification. They demand an end to artificial barriers between the students and teachers. They are very sensitive to cheating and fraud that is practised in the examinations. The youth nowadays is also not satisfied with the courses and syllabus of teaching. These factors are responsible for their unrest and revolt.

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