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Essay on Libraries with Quotations in English for Class 10


Essay on Libraries with Quotations in English is here for the students of Class 10. There are 3 samples of this essay in this post. Students can choose any of them to prepare. The first essay on Libraries is with Quotes and other 2 essays are without quotations. you can visit this link for more English Essays.

Libraries Essay with Quotations for 10th Class in English

A library is a shed of knowledge. It is the proper place where everyone can find some books that are full of knowledge. This is an age of progress in education. Great importance is attached to the libraries as they play a vital role in promoting literacy and education.

“The true university these days is a collection of books” (Thomas Carlyle)

Books are said to be man’s best companion. Books are the core of knowledge. They are the torches that lead us to the path of knowledge. Books are the medicine for the soul. A truly alive mind seeks books because books are key for confronting our problems, searching for solutions and making pathways to the future.

“A good book is the best of friends”
“Books are the lighthouses created in the great sea of time” (Edwin P. Whipple)

A library has a large collection of books and is a place where any individual can walk in and make us of those books. Libraries are the places where one learns manners, discipline, methods of working and concentration. Since all types of people flock to libraries one gets to indulge and communicate with different people. One learns culture, etiquette and ways of dignified and elegant behaviour from other people. People learn remarkable habits and marvellous qualities in such a civilized environment.

“A library is thought in Cold Storage” (Herbert Samuel)

Libraries provide an atmosphere of deep concentration and study in perfect calm. They help us in building up concentration. They give us glorious flashes of knowledge. A reader feels indulged in the books. For students, libraries provide a suitable environment in which they can study properly without any kind of disturbance and interference. Libraries are stocked with academic books and textbooks for students. LIbraries also assist the needy scholars and students who cannot afford to buy expensive books. Libraries become a tremendous advantage for these students who can easily borrow books from here and study them at home.

“Books are the over burning lamps of accumulated wisdom”
“books are the window through which the soul looks out”

Reading is regarded as one of the most enriching habits. It’s not just a hobby or a pass time that entertains us but it’s also an educational activity. Reading brings us a vast reservoir of knowledge. Reading inspires people to gain more information. Thus, a library is a treasure of valuable books for people who want to use and gain from it.

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest man of past centuries” (Descartes)

2nd Essay on Libraries for Class 10 Easy

The history of the library is very old. It started when the man learns to write. The libraries have becomes a need of the day. All sort of books that a man is unable to buy can be had from libraries. Many public libraries have thousands of books, magazines, fictions and daily newspaper.

The books are arranged subject-wise in a library. They are nicely bound and carefully numbered. They are issued to fixed days to the cardholders only. if a book is not returned the borrower has to pay a per-day find fixed by the librarian. All who love to improve and disperse knowledge should go to libraries regularly.

Libraries receive newspapers and magazines. A man who has thirst for knowledge goes there and studies them so long as he wants. Libraries are a big source of knowledge. They serve the purpose of literacy and universal education. They have a vital role in dispersing knowledge and awareness in public. The advanced countries establish libraries in their cities. They publish hundreds of books daily. Their reading habits are for better than ours. In order to enhance our literacy rate and awareness in modern trends, the establishment of libraries in every city is the dire need of our motherland. No nation can make progress without books on relevant topics.

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