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Essay on Importance of Education in Life with Outline and Quotes


Importance of Education Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

This post contains an Essay on Importance of Education with Quotations and Outline for the Students of Class 10, Class 12 and graduation. You can write the same essay under the title Essay on Education System in Pakistan. Essays on different topics are available at Ilmihub for students. For other essays, you can visit English Essays Category.

Essay on Importance of Education with Outline for 2nd Year Students


  1. Education is necessary to build the edifice of the nation.
  2. The literacy rate of Pakistan.
  3. Pakistani educational institutions.
  4. Causes of the falling standard of education.
  5. Education is an investment for the future of the country.

“Education is a better safeguard of liberty Than a standing army.” (Edward Everett)

Education is all the more necessary to build the edifice of the nation, to mould the national character, to inculcate a sense of duty among the people, to foster discipline and to develop the country on modern lines. Education promotes national welfare and personal happiness. If we want to progress, to preserve our freedom, to see democracy flourishing and earn respect in the amity of the nations, we must be educated and well-informed, otherwise, we make a mockery of ourselves and our freedom.

Pakistan is a middle-income country with a literacy rate of only 40%. United Nations Development programmes report puts Pakistan in the category of “Low Human Development “ and on the basis of several other attributes ranks it at 120 out of 160 countries on the Human Development Index. The question is, in countries like Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Maldives can achieve 100% primary participation rate and above 80% literacy rates in 30 years, why has Pakistan remained so behind?

The present Pakistani educational institutions are a hybrid of the old colonial institutions and a feeble Islamic revivalist movement. The education they provide is an incongruous mixture of pseudo-Islamic institutions imparted without ethical or moral underpinnings. The outdated curriculum is geared to produce batteries of neo-colonial bureaucrats. Under such an educational system, the students who specialize in scientific and technical fields generally become mercenaries. They learn to earn a living but their contribution to the welfare of society is minimal. Such education has failed to develop the moral fiber necessary for socio-cultural growth of the individual and the Ummah.

A radical review of our educational system reveals the following causes of a falling standard of education in Pakistan.

  1. Lack of purpose.
  2. Lack of political will.
  3. The limited sphere of secondary education.
  4. The low standard of secondary and higher education.
  5. Vocational a scientific education is very limited.
  6. The medium of Instruction controversy.
  7. Poorly –trained, poorly-paid and overworked teachers.
  8. Lack of formal education.
  9. Financial restraints.
  10. High population growth rate.

Education is an investment for the future of the country. Education plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of a nation, enhances prosperity and improves the quality of life of a nation. Furthermore, education and technology edge solely determines the potential and status of the country from being a consumer to a producer country. The rapid economic development of a nation is based on enlarging its supply of educated and trained manpower which, inturn is dependant on the broadening of the educational system. Education generates new ideas, accelerates the pace of technological advances and ensures efficiency and competency.

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