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Essay on Floods in Pakistan for Matric, FA, FSC, BA and BSC


Essay on Floods in Pakistan for the students of Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, Intermediate, BA and BSC

Here is an essay on Floods in Pakistan for students of Class 10, Class 12 and graduation. Pakistan is a developing country and floods in it are not unusual. This essay will discuss the reason of floods in Pakistan. You can write the same essay under the title Floods in Pakistan essay, Essay on Flood, an essay on flood, an essay on flood disaster.

Floods in Pakistan Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

The recent floods in Pakistan were a calamity. They visit our country quite frequently. We live in the modern age, which is remarkable for its scientific advancement but man has failed to overcome floods completely. However, we can set aside the adverse results of the floods to some extent. Floods destroy everything which man achieves after a struggle of many years. They are a horrible thing. They destroy houses and buildings. They uproot the electric and telephone poles. They render thousands of people homeless.

In Punjab, the recent floods played a havoc unknown in history. Almost, all the rivers overflowed their banks and destroyed everything. The villages of Lahore, Dera Gazi Khan, Jhang, Multan and Sargodha were submerged in water. People saved their lives by climbing up the trees. The villagers were sleeping in their homes when the water of the flooding river entered their homes and caused an alarm. They were caught unawares. They rushed out of their homes without taking with them their goods and articles of the house. Epidemics broke out in the villages. Crops were destroyed. Fertile land turned barren and dry. The whole system of communication was paralysed for many days. People saved their lives by swimming in the Water. Many of them climbed up the trees. The army was called in. It was due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the young men of the army that the lives of many flood affectees were saved. The entire machinery of Government tried its best to set aside the adverse effects of the flood. Relief centres were set up in every town, city and capital. The rich and well-to-date people came forward to help their affected brothers. The causes of the flood are many.

First, they are caused by heavy rainfall in monsoons.

Secondly, the snow on the hills begins to melt in the summer heat. The rivers get swollen. When this continues for some time, the waters rise beyond the banks of the rivers and overspread the neighbouring ground.

Thirdly, the beds of the river are not very deep. That is why they overflow very soon.

Fourthly, all the rivers of Pakistan enter our territory from India. India controls all the rivers. She has made many dams on these rivers. She lets loose a huge quantity of water into our rivers out of revenge. This cannot be controlled by our own efforts unless India cooperates with us.

Last year, l witnessed the scene of a flood in my village. The river Ravi which flows by a village was in flood. It had been raining ceaselessly for over a week. Away on the hills, it had been raining for almost a month. The terrible day came. The river Ravi overflowed its banks and there was water everywhere. There was every fear that our village would be washed away. We brought out cattle to the verandah for safety. We went to bed, but could not sleep for fear of being washed away.

The rain stopped at night. The creaking of frogs, the cries of the cattle and the shouts of men filled the air with fright. A chill wind was blowing. Our courtyard was filled with water. It was almost knee-deep. The water was still rising. Our cattle were drowned in the water. We managed to climb up the trees and stayed there for twenty-four hours. We saved our lives with great difficulty. We spent a very difficult and uncomfortable time there. The helicopters of the army reached us and took us away to a relief centre. We spent there many days and nights in the open. After eight days, the news was brought that the water of the river had gone low considerably. We came to our village and built our house again. We had a serious financial loss in our life. Our cattle and crops were taken away by the floods. We cannot forget the terrible time we had while this flood.

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