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Here is Compulsory Military Training Essay in English for Students. This essay is not important for the students of Matric or F.A/FSC. This essay is only for those who want to practice English Essays for Competitive Exams or IELTS. This essay could be written under the title Military service should be mandatory from the high school for every citizen essay, military service should be compulsory essay and Why the mandatory military service is important essay. You may also like English Essays with Quotations.

Compulsory Military Training Essay for Students in English (IELTS Practice)

Some of the recent events have given rise to the thinking that military training should be imparted compulsory to every able-bodied citizen of Pakistan. The fullfledged aggressions of India have compelled the Pakistani leaders to give a second thought to this problem. Our leadership has realized that to meet this twin challenge, there must be a strong force which will prove to be morale-booster. So, the Slogan ‘Militarize the National’ has been given to the country. Getting training in military science is important and useful in ways more than one. That it makes the people discipline, is beyond doubt.

It also inculcates the bobble qualities of service and sacrifices the devotion and dedication. Military training serves as an insurance against foreign attack. Military training keeps the people physically fit and intellectually sharp. It also increases our power to work. As a matter of fact by imparting military training compulsorily to the youth of Pakistan, but also to fight innumerable diseases and other wars at economic, social and health fronts. By raising our military strength, we will be boosting the morale of the nation. Moreover, military training can be put to many civilian uses. It teaches one to obey and to command.

Military training aims at preparing men to sacrifice themselves for the Motherland, whenever she is threatened by some hostile power. It teaches one to place service above self. To a soldier, duty is more important than food and rest. A soldier goes in quest of opportunities to serve his people and his country. Bu getting military training, we will inculcate these qualities which we are badly lacking. We are lacking in many other virtues like team spirit, loyalty, sense of duty, the value of time, the dignity of labour, selflessness, the nobility of character and spirit of good fellowship. All qualities of head and heart can only be acquired through military training. Military training helps at the time of emergency and foreign attack. The militarily trained persons can be assigned some duties as they can handle firearms, revolvers and rifles and thus can safeguard the interest of the nation.

There is no doubt that the mass military training will take time to complete and it will cost a fortune but look at the rich profit, the nation will get from the disciplined people. It will make people realize that the interest of the nation is first and their personal gains afterwards. This will also increase the output in our fields and factories. There will be no corruption and favouritism in our country. In order to understand properly the very significance of military training, the following instances are sufficient to quote. It was this spirit which enabled Sir Winston Churchill, the worthy soldier-statesman of England, to come out victorious in World War II. Napoleon’s daring feats can also be attributed to his military discipline. It was also this spirit which moved Rana Irfan and Rizwan to fight the inhuman acts of their enemies. Indeed, military training is useful in so many ways. Thus, if we really want to make Pakistan a great country, a noble country, a brave country, a country free from all the evils of corruption, nepotism, selfish interests, it is high time that we impart military training to our youths and make them the true soldiers and saviours of the Motherland. This will also serve as the second line of defence.

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