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Essay on A Visit to a Fair for Class 10 in English


This post contains an example of an Essay on A Visit to a Fair for Class 10 in English. Student of Junior Classes can prepare it for their Exams. Students of Class 10 have a choice between Essay and Paragraph. This essay is for those students who are willing to attempt the Essay.

A Visit to Fair Essay for 10th Class in English

Every year a big fair is held near our village. it is held in the memory of some saint. It comes off on the first Thursday of Harh (Punjabi month name). It is attended by thousands of people from far and near. Last year I went to see it. When I reached the fair, it was in full swing. there was a great rush of people all around. A large number of men, women and children had come from far and near to attend the fair.

There were two long rows of temporary shops in the open ground. They displayed a variety of sweets, fruit, toys and fancy articles. The stalls of confectioners were crowded with customers. There were many hawkers too. A stream of men, women and children passed through this temporary Bazar.

There was great noise everywhere. Popular folk songs were being played on loudspeakers wherever I went, I heard the loud beating of drums and the shrill music of flutes. I heard the blowing of whistles and the hoarse cries of hawkers. There were shouts of people who had come to attend the fair. It was a strange experience to hear the noise. The noise was there. Everywhere inside shops, stalls, shrine and out on roads, open spaces and grounds noise dominated.

The people were making purchases and enjoying themselves. There were policemen and scouts. They have come to maintain order. There were various kinds of amusements. In one corner of the ground were merry go rounds. Nearby were the tumbling boxes. A cinema show was being displayed in a big tent. A juggler was amusing the villagers with his feats. He was jumping over ropes. Then I saw acrobats performing wonderful tricks to the accompaniment of drums. At one corner a magician was showing his tricks. There was a travelling circus too. As I went forward, I saw a snake charmer. There was a crowd of villagers around him.

In the evening I took my way home. One the way I saw many queues of happy villagers. They were laden with the purchases, wending their steps homewards.

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