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Class 9 Food and Nutrition (Ghiza aur Ghizaiyat) Book


In this post, I am sharing the 9th Class Food and Nutrition Book PDF for students.  This book is also known as Ghiza aur Ghizaiyat Book. Students can download the Class 9 Food and Nutrition book in PDF format from this post. This is an optional book for class 9. Class 9 books of all subjects are available in PDF format at this link.

Download 9th Class Food and Nutrition Book PDF – Ghiza aur Ghizaiyat

Class: 9th

Book: Food and Nutrition / Ghiza aor Ghazaiyat

Medium: Urdu

Pages: 124

Size: 23.3 MB

File type: PDF

Publisher: Punjab Textbook Board

Food and Nutrition 9th Class Book PDF

The class 9 Food and Nutrition book PDF offers valuable insights into the world of food and nutrition and serves as an optional resource for 9th Class students in Punjab Board-affiliated schools. This resource is designed to enhance students’ understanding of dietary principles and healthy eating habits. With the convenience of downloading this book in PDF format, students can explore the fascinating subject of food and nutrition at their own pace, promoting a deeper knowledge of this essential topic. 9th Class Notes for all subjects are also available.

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