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Essay on Human Rights for Matric, FA, FSC, BA and BSC

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Human Rights Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

Human rights did not exist in the past. People of the ancient times, before civilized society, lived like animals. They did not have any concept, of human rights. “Might is right” was the law of the world. The strong ruled the weak. The weak was destined to lead a life of misery. His sense of respect and dignity was destroyed by the strong and the rich. As human society developed, the concept of human rights also developed. The first code of human rights was created by the king of Ur in 2050 B. C. King Asoka in 265 B.C issued a document which contained certain human rights. It was with the spread of education that the concept of human rights matured.

  1. It was our religion which highlighted the importance of human rights to everyone. It gave equal rights of human dignity and respect to all people irrespective of their colour caste and creed. Islam bestows equal rights in the field of politics, culture, religion, and economic to the master and the slave.
  2. It preached non-violence and peace. It gave the right to the security of life to everyone.
  3. It conferred right of protection of honour and dignity to everyone.
  4. It gave right of political and economic freedom to everyone. It gave freedom of expression to every individual of the state.
  5. It guaranteed social justice and equal opportunity for growth and development to every individual.
  6. Islam gave rights to women along with men in every field of life.

There are only a few countries which follow and practise human rights. Take the example of big democratic countries. America, Britain and India are said to be the greatest democratic countries. But unfortunately, they violate human rights grossly. America, the big superpower has always resorted to the use of force on weak and poor countries. Afghanistan is populated by poor people. America has bombed it mercilessly and killed millions of innocent men, women and children. It has caused massive disaster in Iraq. It kidnaps and imprisons the innocent Muslim men and women without any fault. In this way, it violates the rights of human freedom and human dignity.

Israel with its heavy collection of sophisticated weapons attacks and assaults the Muslims of Palestine time to time. India too does not lag behind. It has committed untold atrocities on the Kashmiries. The world though educated and enlightened still follows the law of jungle. “Might is right” is still loved and Worshipped.

In Pakistan, the condition of following human rights is not satisfactory as well. People belonging to opposite political opinions are arrested kidnapped and imprisoned. The courts are weak to guarantee human and political freedom to people. The strong and the rich usurp the property of the weak and lead a life of luxury. The four provinces of Pakistan always cry for fair distribution of water and energy sources.

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