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Letter of Advice from Father to Son Who Studies Away From Home


Write a Letter of Advice From Father to Son Who Studies Away from Home | English Letters

In this post, you will find an example of Letter of Advice from father to son who studies away from home for 1st year. This letter example is for 11th class students who will learn how to write, Inspirational letter from father to son, father’s message to his son, Inspirational letter to son, Words of Encouragement for a son. More letters are available in our category English Letter Writing.

Informal Letter of Advice From Father to Son Who Studies Away from Home

Examination Hall,
July 11, 2018

My dear son,

There is no doubt that you are very dear to me. It is quite natural. You are well aware of the fact that your staying away from us has greatly affected your mother’s health. We did all this for your bright future. This is the first time in life that you have been away from us for more than a couple of nights.

My dear, a person is a representative of his culture and family when he talks, behaves and lives with other. You will be the same you should display such manners as will be lovable.

Your first and foremost duty is to study hard to achieve pinnacle which is your sole objective. You are relieved of any other responsibility. Adopt good company Lazy, lethargic and non-serious companions will lead you astray. Be punctual, offer prayer five times a day. Try to keep yourself away from all those who waste their time in idle talk. Some of the students, living in a hostel, waste their time in spending money lavishly, movie watching, roaming and teasing other fellows.

You should always attend classes regularly and attend the lectures delivered by your teachers. Don’t get bored or annoyed. Ask questions in a respectable manner. Don’t laugh or talk during the classes. Obedience and respect to the teachers bring affection and guidance from them. You should always set your targets high. Try to achieve your goal with full devotion. Remember my son/daughter you should always be courteous and co-operative. Try not to disturb or tease anyone. Discuss your problems with me. I am here to support you emotionally and financially. Always feel free if you need more money, pay heed to all that I have written in this letter.

Wishing you best of luck and success

You affectionately,

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