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World Famous Battles MCQs with Answers


World Famous Battles MCQs with Answers for NTS, CSS, PPSC, FPSC Job Tests Online Preparation

Here is the 3rd and last part of World Famous Battles MCQs with Answers for NTS, CSS, PPSC, FPSC Job Tests Online Preparation. MCQs on World Wars are important for tests and job seekers who are looking for general knowledge online should prepare it too. MCQs are from Caravan General Knowledge Book. For more multiple Choice Questions Quiz, Go Here.

Solved MCQs on World Famous Battles

47. Which of the following wars is the shortest war ever fought, ended in just six days?

(a) gulf War
(b) Israeli-Arab War
(c) Desert-War
(d) Boer War

(b) Israel-Arab War  

48. In which year decisive battle between Muhammad Bin Qasim and Raja Dahir was fought?

(a) 712 A.D. 
(b) 711 A.D.
(c) 715 A.D.
(d) 718 AD.

(a) 712A.D.  

49. An important battle was fought between Alexander the Great and Raja Porus in which Raja was defeated. In which year the battle was fought?

(a) 326 BC
(b) 324 BC
(C) 321 BC
(d) 320 BC

(a) 326 BC  

50. A battle was fought between Muhammad Ghouri and Prithvi Raj in 1192 AD. Muhammad Ghouri won the battle. Name of the battle.

(a) Battle of Samugarh
(b) Battle of Kirke
(c) Battle of Talikota
(d) Battle of Tarain

(d) Battle of Tarain  

51. The third battle of Panipat was fought between Ahmad Shah Abdali and Marathas. Marathas were defeated and their military might was destroyed forever. In which year the battle was fought?

(a) 1801 AD
(b) 1750 AD
(c) 1751 AD
(d) 1758 AD

(c) 1751 AD  

52. In which battle Ahmad Shah Abdali defeated and smashed the power of Marathas which had become a threat to the Muslim’s existence in the sub-continent?

(a) The first battle of Panipat
(b) The second battle of Panipat
(c) Third battle of Panipat
(d) Fourth battle of Panipat

(c) Third battle of Panipat  

53. In 1540 AD. Sher Shah Suri defeated Mughal King Humayun in the battle of __________

(a) Kennauj
(b) Holdighat
(c) Panipat
(d) Thirka

(a) Kennauj  

54. Battle of Holdighat was fought in 1576 AD between Raja Pratap Singh and Mughal Emperor. Raja Pratap Singh was defeated. Name of the Mughal emperor.

(a) Babar
(b) Aurangzeb
(c) Akbar
(d) Jahangir

(c) Akbar  

55. In 1659 AD Aurangzeb finally defeated Dera Shikoh and became the Emperor of India. Name the battle.

(a) Battle of Sebraon
(b) Battle of Talikita
(c) Battle of Samugarh
(d) Battle of Panipat

(c) Battle of Samugarh  

56. In the battle of Plassey Lord Clive defeated Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daula in

(a) 1780 AD
(b) 1757 AD
(c) 1765 AD
(d) 1755 AD

(b) 1757 AD  

57. In 1845 AD British forces defeated Sikhs and captured Lahore. Name of the battle is __________.

(a) Battle of Buxar
(b) Battle of chillianwala
(c) Battle of Sabraon
(d) Battle of Kirki

(c) Battle of Sabraon  

58. In 1764 AD British won Bengal by defeating Nawab of Oudh in the bame of:

(a) Buxar
(b) Plassey
(c) Wandiwash
(d) Samugarh

(a) Buxar  

59. The First war between Arabs and Israel was fought in ___________.

(a) 1946
(b) 1947
(c) 1948
(d) 1949

(c) 1948  

60. Who defeated the Mangols in 14th century? (PMS 2006)

(a) Khawarzim Shah
(b) Rukn-ud-Din Barber
(c) Babar
(d) None oflhese

(b) Rukn-ud-Din Barber  
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