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General Knowledge and Solved MCQs on Interpol


General Knowledge and Solved MCQs on Interpol for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC and other Job tests | Multiple Choice Questions about Interpol

Interpol stands for International Criminal Police Organization. This is an international organization that facilitates international police cooperation. In this post, you will find Multiple choice questions about Interpol. Solved MCQs on Interpol, which is available in this post can be practised for job tests. You should also see Idioms Asked in Previous CSS Paper 2015 for preparation.

General Knowledge about Interpol | Interpol GK

  • Governing Body – Interpol General Assembly
  • Constituting – ICPO – Interpol
  • Headquarters – Lyon, France
  • National Central Bureaus – 192
  • President of Interpol – Meng Hongwei
  • Secretary-General of Interpol – Jurgen Stock

MCQs about Interpol with Answers

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1. _______ countries coordinate and cooperate in their activities with Interpol?

(a) 145
(b) 192
(c) 161
(d) 156

(b) 192

2. Headquarters of Interpol is located in ____________

(a) Sydney, Australia
(b) London, UK
(c) Lyon, France
(d) Tokyo, Japan

(c) Lyon, France

3. ___________ the current secretary general of Interpol?

(a) Raymond Kendall
(b) Ronald Noble
(c) Jean Nepote
(d) Louis Ducloux

(b) Ronald Noble

4. __________ is the current president of Interpol?

(a) Arturo Herrera Verdugo
(b) Toshinori Kanemoto
(c) Ivan Barbot
(d) Khoo Boon Hui

(d) Khoo Boon Hui

5. Interpol’s full name is International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO). This organization was established in____________

(a) 1915
(6) 1935
(c) 1923
(d) 1947

(c) 1923

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