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General Knowledge and Solved MCQs about Arab League


Basic General Knowlege about Arab League

This post is about General Knowledge about Arab League. This post contains a list of current members of Arab League, list of names of General Secretaries of Arab League with nationality and tenure as well as Important Solved MCQs about Arab League. Students who are looking for general knowledge can get the benefit of this post. You can also check Solved MCQs about OIC.

Current Members of Arab League | Arab League Members | Arab League Countries

Hereunder is the list of Arab League member countries with Country Name, Capital and date of admission to Arab League.


Country Name

1. AlgeriaAlgiers16-08-1962
2. BahrainManama11-09-1971
3. ComorosMoroni20-11-1993
4. DjiboutiDjibouti1977-09-04
5. EgyptCairo22-03-1945
6. IraqBaghdad22-03-1945
7. JordanAmman22-03-1945
8. KuwaitKuwait City20-07-1961
9. LebanonBeirut22-03-1945
10. Libya aTripoli28-03-1953
11. MauritaniaNouakchott26-11-1973
12. MoroccoRabat01-10-1958
13. OmanMuscat29-09-1971
14. State of PalestineJerusalem (proclaimed)
Ramallah (de facto)
15. QatarDoha11-09-1971
16. Saudi ArabiaRiyadh22-03-1945
17. SomaliaMogadishu1974-02-14
18. SudanKhartoum19-01-1956
19. Syrian Arab RepublicDamascus22-03-1945
20. TunisiaTunis01-10-1958
21. United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi06-12-1971
22. YemenSana’a

List of Secretaries-General of Arab League

Here is a list of Secretaries-General of Arab League with their Names, Nationality and Tenure.

No.Secretary-GeneralNationality Tenure (From – To)
1Abdul Rahman Azzam Egypt22 March 1945 – September 1952
2Abdul Khalek Hassouna EgyptSeptember 1952 – 1 June 1972
3Mahmoud Riad Egypt1 June 1972 – March 1979
4Chedli Klibi TunisiaMarch 1979 – September 1990
5Ahmed Asmat Abdel-Meguid Egypt15 May 1991- 15 May 2001
6Amr Moussa Egypt15 May 2001 – 1 July 2011
7Nabil Elaraby Egypt1 July 2011 – 3 July 2016
8Ahmed Aboul Gheit Egypt3 July 2016 – to date (Current)

Important Solved MCQs About Arab League about Arab League

If you are preparing Job test for PMS, CSS, NTS, FPSC or PPSC then you should practice these MCQs about Arab League to check your knowledge.

1. Arab League was established on March 22, 1945, with its headquarter at ____

(a) Riyad
(b) Tunisia
(c) Egypt
(d) Damascus

(c) Egypt

2. Arab League is comprised of how many member countries?

(a) 22
(b) 25
(c) 21
(d) 24

(a) 22

3. What was the original number of Arab League member states in 1945?

(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 8

(c) 7

4. Which of the countries were the founding members of Arab League?

(a) Egypt
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Jordan
(d) All of them

(d) All of them

5. The current Secretary-General Nabi el-Araby belongs to _____

(a) Egypt
(b) Mauritania
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) The United Arab Emirates

(a) Egypt

6. In 1979, Arab League suspended membership of ________

(a) Libya
(b) Egypt
(c) Comoros
(d) Saudi Arabia

(b) Egypt

7. When was Egypt re-admitted into Arab League?

(a) 1987
(b) 1988
(c) 1989
(d) 1990

(c) 1989

8. Who served as the secretary general of Arab League from 1952-1972?

(a) Mahmoud Riad
(b) Assad al-Assad
(c) Abdul Khalek Hassouna
(d) Chedli Klibi

(c) Abdul Khalek Hassouna

9. Arab League suspended the membership 0f ________ on 22 February 2011 following the use of military force against civilians.

(a) Qatar
(b) Yemen
(c) Egypt
(d) Libya

(d) Libya

10. The 33rd summit of Arab League held in ________on 29 March 2012.

(a) Baghdad, Iraq
(b) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(c) Tunis
(d) Cairo, Egypt

(a) Baghdad, Iraq

11. The 34th summit of Arab League was held in___________ March, 2017?

(a) Kuwait City, Kuwait
(b) Doha, Qatar
(c) Amman, Jordan
(d) Dubai, UAE

(c) Amman, Jordan

12. Arab League Was Established on _______

(a) March 22, 1944
(b) March 22, 1946
(c) March 22, 1945
(d) March 22, 1947

Some Text

13. The term of Arab League Secretary-General is ___

(a) 3 years
(b) 4 years
(c) 5 years
(d) 6 years

(c) 5 years

14. In 2012, Arab League suspended membership of _______

(a) Libya
(b) Syria
(c) Comoros
(d) Saudi Arabia

(b) Syria

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