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Food and Agricultural Organization MCQs | Solved MCQs about FAO

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FAO MCQs – MCQs about Food and Agricultural Organization

Important General Knowledge Solved MCQs about Food and Agricultural Organization which is known as FAO, are here in this post. MCQs about FAO are less in quantity but if you are preparing different tests for Job tests, you shouldn’t miss any topic. Press the blue button to see the correct answer. General Knowledge MCQs about ILO are also here.

1. Food and Agricultural Organization originated at a conference called by the president of USA. Franklin D Roosevelt in __________
(a) May 1943
(b) May 1944
(c) May 1945
(d) May1946

(a) May 1943

2. The first session of FAO was held in Quebec City of Canada in __________
(a) August 1944
(b) September 1944
(c) October 1945
(d) November 1943

(c) October 1945

3. Other than the European Union and the Faroe Islands, FAO is represented by how many countries?
(a) 175
(b) 180
(c) 170
(d) 191

(d) 191

4. The headquarters of FAO are established in __________
(a) Geneva
(b) Rome
(c) London
(d) Paris

(b) Rome

5. ______________is the current Director-General of FAO.
(a) Binay Ranjan Sen
(b) Addeke Hendrik Boerma
(c) Edouard Saouma
(d) Jos Graziano da Silva

(d) Jos Graziano da Silva

6. What is the meaning of FAO Latin motto, “Fiat Panis”?
(a) Let there be bread
(b) Let there be agriculture
(c) Let there be peace
(d) Let there be crops

(a) Let there be bread

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