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Class 10 Computer Notes of all Chapters – Punjab Board


In this post, I’m sharing Class 10 Computer Notes of all Chapters in PDF format for the Punjab Board. There are 5 total chapters in the 10th C-lass Computer Book. Students can download or read online all chapters of 10th Class Computer Notes from ilmihub. These notes are prepared very carefully, however, if you find any mistake in the answers, just let us know in the comment section. We always try to provide you with the best notes for preparation. Class 10 Computer Textbook is also available in PDF.

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Programming

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Chapter 2 – User Interaction

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Chapter 3 – Conditional Logic

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Chapter 4 – Data and Repitition

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Chapter 5 – Functions

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Class 10 Computer Shorts Question, Long Question and MCQ’s

10th Class Computer notes are based on three type of notes, Long Questions, Short Quetions and MCQ’s. Here we are providing you all three format of notes solved. So, it will make the things easy for students to download these notes and read anytime anywhere. Computer study is the study of modren world. In the previouis few years technology has tromsformed the world. Now, students are taking interest in computer studies. So, if you as a student want to make future in Information Technology, class 10 computer subject is your 1st step.

A computer is an electronic machine that can take data and process it into useful information. People can use the computer in every field of life and manage their business by using the computer. Nowadays Computer is established in every occupation and department. For detailed knowledge, students can download Class 10 Computer Textbook and class 10 computer notes from this post.

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