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1st Year Physics Chapter 1 MCQs with Answers Notes PDF


In this post, I am sharing FSC 1st Year Physics Chapter 1 MCQs with Answers Notes PDF for the students of Intermediate Part 1. This chapter’s name is Measurements. From this post of ilmihub, students can download the 11th Class Physics Chapter 1 Solved MCQs Notes in PDF format on their laptops or mobiles to read them offline. These Class 11 Physics Chapter 1 MCQs with Answers Notes are for all the boards working under the Punjab Board like Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board, DG Kahn Board, and Sahiwal Board. Here are the complete FSC 1st Year Physics Notes PDF of all chapters.

11th Class Physics Chapter 1 Measurement Solved MCQs Notes PDF Download

Class 11 Physics Chapter 1 MCQs with Answers

Physics is quantitative science based primarily on:

a) Fundamental quantities
b) Definitions
c) Experiments and Measurements
d) Description

The branch of physics, which is concerned with the ultimate particles of which the matter is composed, is called:

a) Atomic physics
b) Nuclear physics
c) Plasma physics
d) Particles Physics

The computer chips are made of:

a) Germanium
b) silicon
c) cadmium
d) Nickel

Silicon can be obtained from:

a) Metals
b) Chemicals
c) Sand
d) Stones

Which of the following is the least multiple:

a) Pico
b) femto
c) nano
d) atto

Physical quantities are often divided into:

a) Two categories
b) Three categories
c) Four categories
d) Five categories

The percentage uncertainty in the measurement of mass and velocity are 2% and 3%. The maximum uncertainty in the measurements of kinetic energy is:

a) 11%
b) 8%
c) 6%
d) 1%

The base units in SI units are:

a) Seven
b) Six
c) Five
d) Four

The SI unit of the solid angle is:

a) Degree
b) radian
c) steradian
d) minute

Significant figures in 0.000846 are:

a) Two
b) thee
c) Four
d) six

Least count of a meter rod is:

a) 0.01 cm
b) 1mm 
c) 0.001cm
d) 0.1 mm

The error in a certain measurement occurs due to :

a) Faulty apparatus
b) Negligence of the person
c) Inappropriate method
d) All of these

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