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Report Writing Example on a Free Hospital for Children | Formal Letter Pattern


Formal Letter Example | Report Writing Example on a Free Hospital for Children for BSC Students

Here is a Formal Letter Pattern to Submit a Report on a Free Hospital for Children from a Social Worker to Secretary Social Welfare Department telling him the need of this hospital in a specified area. This report will describe the need for this hospital. Close this report by giving the suggestions.

Write a report on the working of a Free Hospital for children from a social worker to the Secretary Social Welfare Department | Formal Letter Pattern (P. U. 2004)


Date: March 15, 2010.

Secretary Social Welfare,
Govt. of Punjab,

From: X.Y.Z, A social welfare worker

Subject: Report on Free hospital for children



As a social worker, I have prepared a report about the need of a free hospital for children in village No. X Y. Z Thesil Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh. I submit the report as under.

Location of the Village X.Y.Z.

The village X. Y. Z is situated in the south side of’Gojra. This is a backward area. It is almost located twenty-five kilometres on the southern side of Gojra. Its population is approximately fifty thousand. Most of the people are uneducated and illiterate. When I visited the village I was shocked to know that the mortality rate at the time of childbirth was very high.

The condition of the village:

The general health of women and children is very miserable. Children do not get proper food and suitable diet due to poverty. The result is that they fall a victim to various ailments during infancy. They suffer from whooping cough, tonsils, fever, indigestion and respiratory disease. They also suffer from diseases which curtail their development. There is only one doctor in the village, who is not properly qualified. The parents are forced to get treatment from this unqualified doctor. There is not any government dispensary or hospital in the village. In case of emergency, the parents have to rush to Gojra to seek medical aid for their children. But due to lack of resources, they fail to transport them to Gojra in time. Many children die on the way to the Gojra hospital.


  1. It is suggested that a free hospital for children must be set up in the village as soon a9 possible.
  2. The Govt. will not, have to spend much on this project. There are available many vacant buildings in the village which can be utilised for this purpose.


X.Y.Z Social Worker

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